The First Trust-Based Trading Platform

  • It is a platform where buyers looking for reliability and quality can proactively seek suppliers.
  • It is a place where suppliers can source new customers, opening up their ability to trade on a worldwide scale.
  • It exists to recognise and reward consistency and excellence in manufacturing and service delivery.
  • It will assist small to medium sized businesses to achieve the recognition they deserve in the global arena.

The Issue

At Mango, we identified that smaller businesses struggle to achieve visibility on a global scale. Without vast marketing budgets, extensive networks of contacts and the resources to carry out the necessary checks to protect themselves from risk and fraud, many companies find themselves unable to compete with their larger counterparts. And yet plenty of them already have all the qualities that suppliers and buyers are looking for, without the skills or budget to effectively market themselves.

The Solution

The global B2B e-commerce market is set to expand to an estimated USD$6.6 trillion by 2020. MangoB2B fulfils a genuine, established need by assisting quality businesses of all sizes, but particularly at the lower end of the size scale, to compete more effectively in the marketplace.

Our platform establishes, for the first time, an online marketplace that spans a wide and ever-increasing field of countries, industries, sectors and products. Making full use of new and emerging technologies, it is initiating an entirely secure trading environment, underpinned by smart, paperless contracts and using block chain technology. Features of the high levels of protection offered to buyers and sellers alike include a secure vault for companies’ financial details, to protect against interception and hijacking; and Escrow services to mitigate against fraud.

Investing in the Future is actively seeking investors who share our vision and wish to become involved in driving forward this innovative platform. If you are interested in finding out more, click here to download our information pack.